So I didn't pass the driver's test. Long story. I was very mad at myself. But the DMV guy being in the car just totally freaked me out. And info from the 8-hour course plus what I've read in the driver's manual was all melding together. I was incredibly nervous...and it was raining.

I'm scheduled to retake it the first week in April. That same guy said he'd go with me again. At least I'd be a little bit more used to him. He seemed really nice, even after we almost crashed (insert sheepish look) Could be a plus...if I could stop stressing about it, now. heh. I know how to drive...I all but aced the knowledge test. *sigh*

Random oddness fact: Most of the licensed people on my mom's side of the family, mom included, had to take the driver's test more than once.

Post Picture: Bro2 with his bike.