My stamps
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So I cut out the pieces for the earrings project. I think I did a pretty good job, especially considering I don't have a bench pin and I'm collect the filling in an empty dollar store container with the aid of a paintbrush. Ha!

I stamped them, oxidized them with bleach, and sanded them. Well, I stamped one of the wrong. Now, I'm thinking that they should be 1.5" and not 2". Also the stamps, in the picture, are too big. I'm going to keep the stamps, I have another idea for them that will work, because I already made a sort of mock-up. But I need smaller stamps for the earrings. Plus, I'm not sure I like the sanded look. And bleach oxidizes the sterling brown not black. That's not that big a deal...but it bothers me a little.

I have enough to cut new pieces. But as is the problem with me so often, finding smaller stamps, that don't cost $50 is proving tricky. I got those stamps for about $16. Why are smaller ones so much more expensive. I'm going to keep looking. I think I need 1/16" ones, if you dear reader, happen to be looking. :)

I have a list of things I should be doing, but I'm blogging. I'll conclude this entry and get started on that list.