Craft Show Eve

This is it! Okay, it's almost it. It's like the day before Christmas almost.

Tomorrow is my first big show. It's right in the center of my hometown, naught but a hop-skip-and-jump from my house. Literally, I could walk there, but I have too much stuff to bring. It's from 9-4.

I've been painting, and gluing, knottting and burning to get back these last few weeks. I've learned a lot, about pacing myself and that a simple project can easily get out-of-hand with an active imagination. It's made me thankful for my family, for their support. Really, it's been a long time getting to this point and I was pretty difficult. But I'm glad I'm here. I'm working harder than I have at any job, but I'm more content, satisfied.

Post Picture: Pre-show set-up. Realizing nothing in my display is the same as it was here. It's more junky than it will be tomorrow, I'm tinkering still at the time of this post. I've out-grown my table.