SPT 10.04
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The craziness started with this post. The term 'emotional rollercoaster' is cliche but it fits perfectly here. I've been really taken for a ride, similar to the Mind Eraser at Six Flags- which I did ride two weeks ago, over the past 30 days. I have felt each turn, twist and loop acutely. I seem to have lost my ability to squash things inside. I'm exhausted.

I've been to Waterford, CT; Hartford, CT; Agawam, MA; Plattsburgh, NY; and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. That's a lot for little homebody me. Two sort of vacations in one month. Admittedly Hartford isn't that far from my house. But on each trip I learned something about myself. Too much to go into here.

It was good, bad, lovely, dark. I was a little daring, for me. I was decisive at times. I grew, I think. (not physically, blast it!) If I don't have a month like this for a while, I think I'll live. But I feel like this was a beginning of sorts. I'm ready to change.