thisnext:: to 2010

Dear New Year, may you rock!
Picks to help you get things done and be encouraged.

QueenvannaCreations:: Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar

Get this sweet handmade calendar from Queenvanna to adorn your desk or shelf and you'll never need another. Just keep rotating the blocks and you're all set.

Available in a variety of paper schemes and blank for you to create yourself.

From QueenVanna

The Container Store:: To-Do Lists

I like to make lists. Problem: I often use the backs of scrap paper or some such so my lists are usually lost before I can commit them to memory. Hence making another list, on another scrap of paper and...well, you can see where this is going.

These little books are great because they're narrow like a list normally is but all bound together...like a book normally is. hehe.

From The Container Store
DGU ceramic bank

Because you/I totally shouldn't. Just a little extra encouragement to keep saving, keep going.

From printliberation

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wb- holidays

spt-12.24, me, self-portrait, face, smile, christmas eve

I hope, dear readers, that you had a merry Christmas, or a happy day off from work/school if you don't celebrate Christmas. My day could be summed up in this tweet:

waffles are getting cooked, gifts wait to be opened, music is playing, cat is skittering around confused.

Good food and games followed while the Carpenters' Christmas played in the background. Even though I don't get quite revved up in the pre-holiday madness, Christmas always feels special a little magical.

Post Picture: Me on Christmas Eve. I think the anticipatory smiles fits for it almost being New Year's, too.


thisnext:: ornaments

Wishing you and yours a merry holiday!

midlifemodern:: atlas index stars by

The seller mentions 'wanderlust' in the copy about this ornament. I would say that suits. There is something rather fairy-like or magical...perhaps it's the nest of tinsel in the middle.

From midlifemodern

Zyklus (Cycle) Ornament Set

My brother loves to bicycle. Maybe for Christmas I'll get him a set of these. Shh!

From filzfelt

suzik:: Lavender Garden Party Temari Ball

Oh, the patience it must have taken to create this. And such precision and even stitching. Embroidery and ceramics are two crafts that I love but can't do. I admire work like this ornament. Divine!

From suzik

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wishing hoping praying

Looking forward to the new year. Trying to figure things out. And, oh yeah, Christmas. Kinda not feeling it this year what with the death of my mom's friend and another man who I barely knew. It's a little tough, but I have my family so it will be okay. Refocusing on what matters, on important things, higher things. And gnomes!

Post Picture:My eyes.n.brows. Have challenged myself to take a photo everyday, break out of the craft lethargy I allowed myself to sink into. Feels good.


minifolk begins

When his parents found out that Teddy
Was the name of a human toy
They decided that he'd be called Theo
For no one ought play with their boy.

You may remember that I made a video for Etsy earlier this year. I made some paper people in that video. Now I've opened a shop for them. And I've listed a gnome. He popped into my head a few days ago, but being swamped with end-of-semester projects, I wasn't able to work on him until yesterday. Spent the better part of the afternoon, measuring, slicing, rolling and gluing. When that moment came when he became reality and looked like the little gnome in my head it was truly magical. I love those moments.

His name is Theodrin. You can read all about him at Minifolk.


thisnext:: starless

starless:: Carnival Polymer clay Christmas ornament

Hello gorgeous! Any tree would instantly look better will this jewel on it. From starless.

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be a winner

Hello there!

A short post to let you know that I'm sponsoring a giveaway on stylesmith's blog Dedicated to Fashion. You can enter to win a pair of the earrings pictured above. As they say, no purchase necessary. Just tell me what your favorite item in my shop is and post in on the DoF official entry post. (not this one.)

The official entry post.



thisnext:: ninu

ninu:: Ninfea baby in coffee

I think this bag would be good for short trips when you only want to carry a few things. It's still stylish and has great interested in the design. It makes me happy.

From ninu.

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wb- there and back again

Plans have shifted and changed a lot in the last few weeks. Too much to go into here. But things are starting to settle down for a bit before they ramp back up for December, the craziest month of the year.

I discovered a local yarn shop,Creative Fibers. The staff is super-friendly and the yarn selection is overwhelming and lovely. I don't think I'll go back to buying yarn at chain stores. Is yarn-snobdom in my future? Perhaps?

School is going okay. I missed having teachers who didn't know what they were doing during high school because I was homeschooled. I'm having to call on reserves of patience to deal with some of the tricks in my classes. So, I've learned a lot this semester about myself and dealing with people than academically.

Got stalled with my Nanowrimo. I have no time with all the school things to do. November is such an inconvenient month to have that...for college students anyway. It got me writing again. So I'm happy I started it.

I'll stop this before I get too journal-ish. I think the semester break will be filled with doing craft things I've neglected, getting Minifolk running, and family.

Post Picture: I'm working on a custom scarf for Etsy pal, Brooke, cause I have the knitting skills now. hehe. She wanted it skinny and bright red.


wb- town

On Saturday my mom came home. She'd been gone for a week, helping her friend's family with the funeral. We missed her. Saturday was full of hugs and long talks.

Sunday was gorgeous, nearly in the 70s which is pretty unheard for the Northeast US in November. So I took a walk. I took a lot of pictures, with just my regular lens and my polarizer. I've decided that I need a buttload of practice shooting outside. I need a buttload of practice shooting at all. Perhaps a photography class is in order. Next semester...what do you say?

I wish I was more confident. That I didn't feel the need to hide my camera from people...or hide myself from people. It's confusing, this artist life. Constant critiqueing from myself and from other. And the back-of-my-mind doubt-ishness...am I doing the right thing? Am I wasting my time?

I love to create. I have since I was a child. I just want to know if it's worth it. Should it be a hobby that I only break out on occasion like one of my artist aunts? If I'm good enough to keep going. The ideas don't stop, though. I'm always examining things to see how they're made, imagining reconstructings. It's a passion. I just want to have more faith in myself.



I gave myself another project. Seems that's what my life has become. In truth, I like it this way. Searching for things to stretch my skills, my brain...my patience. First it was the video for the Etsy contest, then my scarf (lace...on the second knitting project, nuts!). Now, it's NaNoWriMo.

I'm not a stranger to the literary world. I've started and stopped several short stories and book ideas. One of which I had shared with my mom's friend who recently died. I never finished it. Always thought I'd have time to do it later. While for the moment *I* still have time, she will never know about it.

So to get in the flow of writing again, I'd abandoned it for Etsy shop stuff, I started a NaNoWriMo...short of National Novel Writing Month. My plot is all over the place and my characters are shaky. But the point is to blast through writing 50,000 words in 30 days. I don't know how close I'll get to that. I've lost a day already. But I have around 4,000. That's amazing to me. I'm not stopping to edit unless I misspell something or the wording is really wrong. I've changed the POV mid-scene, used cheesy plot twists. It's not Pulitzer, but it's a challenge that I'm willing to take on. So I'm happy. And sad.


thisnext:: clairejauregui

clairejauregui:: Intrinsic 11 x 9 inch Original Screenprint

It's hard for me to really describe why I like certain pieces of art. I'm into motion and layers, shapes and colors, contrast colors and abstracts. This fits that bill. I makes a little part of me leap with happiness.

From clairejauregui

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wb- heartbreak

Yesterday, my mom lost her best friend. It's hit us all pretty hard. There was no long sickness. She'd had surgery and then lots of complications but none of them particularly threatening until about Thursday night. She had gotten an infection. Mom went out to Illinois where the friend lived. Yesterday she died. For the first time in my life I saw my dad cry. This was a special lady.

It's lead to a lot of thought. We had been praying for her to get well since August, when she had the surgery and didn't heal as quickly as we had hoped. My heart breaks for her family, her husband and two daughters who were like an uncle and cousins to me.

I kept rolling the words around in my head. That she'd died. But I just couldn't make them make sense. It wasn't right. She couldn't be dead. We were supposed to have Thanksgiving together. I erased that off the calendar yesterday. So Mom wouldn't have to see it when she comes home. So that I wouldn't have to see it and be reminded that it would never happen, could never happen.

It's impossible to figure out why. She had so much she wanted to do, so much to live for. We believe she's in a better place now where all her health problems are now more but it hurts. I want to be with my mom and my IL family. But I'm here in CT.

Death is so permanent. So final. But I believe love can conquer for as hokey as that sounds. That this dear lady's memory will live on through each person she touched. I wish I could have the sense of purpose that I had now...7 years ago. There were projects I started that she encouraged me to finish and now...she's gone. Gone. It will take a while for all of us to adjust, to figure out how to incorporate this pain into our lives. She's missed already.

Post Picture:Our families sharing Father's Day in 2008.


spt and scarf

I finished my second ever knitting project and my first lace project. I think it turned out pretty darn well. (after I frogged it) I'm loving bamboo yarn. It's so soft and has a luxe sheen to it. It had a lot of...plys? Is that what you say? They were a lot of threads that made up the single yarn...cord?

As mentioned before the pattern is from knitty. I'd like to make it again, with a thicker yarn in a darker color and change the pattern a bit.

The self portrait you can see on my flickr.

Post Picture: Closer-up of the pattern of my scarf. Bro2 promptly said, "This is for show, right?" since we live in CT and a scarf with holes doesn't make sense to him. heh...men.



Lots has been going...in my head mostly. I need a place to write it out, stop the cyclical thoughts. It's draining. Not here, here's not the place. I have 8 kazillion notebooks for the purpose. But I don't feel like getting them off the shelf, finding a pen (they all disappeared with 2 weeks of the start of the semester), and doing it. So I keep thinking and wondering, debating, contemplating. *headdesk*

I will take some pictures, sometime this week, before all the leaves are gone. I will write down my thoughts...in one of my many books. I will take time to work on non-school projects. I need that outlet. School is driving me crazy for reasons that have little to do with workload. I will turn my frustration into something positive. I will make actions out of my endless thinking. I will...keep going.


thisnext:: infusion

infusion:: Organic Baby Boots Leaf Green

I won't use the obvious words that could be used to describe these...as they could be used to describe almost every clothing item for babies.

Dear little booties, made of all natural fabrics with little button accents. *squee!*

From infusion

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Looking over some old pictures I'd taken I realized...I can only be me. I have to be me. Like Tigger...I'm the only one.

Yes, I can and should seek advice when I need it. Yes, I will get advice when I don't want it. No, I won't do everything right. But it's okay.

Post Picture: From the park earlier this summer.


thisnext:: shellieartist

shellieartist:: Out on a Whisper Original fabric on wood art

A lovely work of art by one of my Twitter pals. I've known her for a while but hadn't full checked out her work. She captures so much movement and depth in the way she pieces the fabrics together. Just divine.

From shellieartist

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The new month is already nearly two days old. Amazing. September flew by in a mix of sample making, contest-voting and school work. Now the air has turned almost bitterly brisk and I have a huge apple cider craving.

Post Picture: I bought bamboo yarn a while ago from Wicked Westie. It's sumptuous, but at the time I didn't know how to knit. I've since learned the basics and searched all over the internet for a pattern...and a guide to reading knitting instructions.

I found this one on knitty. Youtube'd some videos to help with the stitches I didn't know how to do and went to it.

About half-a-skein in, I realized that what I was knitting was NOT looking like the pattern and frogged it all...then i took a picture. The yarn all crimpy from being unraveled reminded me of ramen noodles.

Started over and have made way fewer mistakes. It's really pretty and almost done. :)


thisnext:: montana bag

The Montana Bag

The description says it's a sort of nouveau tribal look. I'd agree. The fabric design is textural and patterned, the colors soothing and warm. I want to dive in. (via Delight.com Newsletter)

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zephyr- lull

I have a lot of stuff that I want to do. Some things I need to do. A few I ought to do...or stop doing. On we go.

Post Picture: T-pins...waiting for me to work.



My video's in the top ten!

This is way overdue. I mentioned it in the previous post and forgot to include links. So you can vote here. Make sure you're signed into Etsy...or set up an account if you don't have one...and click the 'vote' button under my video.

Thanks bunches!



Okay, I'm not going to blog that I promise to blog more. It doesn't work. I will post when I have time, when I feel like I have something worth saying. Lately, I've been kinda zonked so I havent, then I feel guilty, cause I said I would...then I have to write posts like this which I doubt are really interesting to anyone.


My samples are done and sent away. It was a little hard to part with them, but I have hopes for high returns. (sales or publicity) I also hope they stay together. I didn't have an eyelet setter, so I used a hammer and sometimes they liked to come apart. I've since bought one though. Works like a charm!

Also, my video, the secret project to beat all secret projects...is the TOP TEN! You can vote for it here...or which ever one you really like. I'm pretty excited and feel very honored.

As for school, classes are going along nicely. My computer class is almost beyond easy though. It's called Introduction to Software Applications with particular attention to the Microsoft Office products. I'm familiar with Word (evil!) but not so much the others. I needed this class as a prereq for the web design class that I really wanted to take. However, it's like uber-beginner. The professor tacitly suggested that those of us who know how to use a computer transfer to another class. I'm not sure what I'll do.

Post Picture: Some of the samples, all packaged and ready to be bagged and shipped. :)


thisnext:: tickledpinkknits

Rococo Shawl - Cotton and Merino Wrap

I love that fall is coming. Bring on the scarves and jackets, yay! This shawl looks so warm and cozy with just a bit of ruffles to make it girly. From tickledpinkknits

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project 2

I finished making my samples today. That wasn't quite so much a secret as my video but it was still a rather taxing project. I made 100 magnets, 25 pairs of earrings. The packaging took about two days. They're so cute. I love that I keep getting new ideas, keep growing as a businessperson, designer, artist and person. I so enjoy creating.

Post Picture: My box. I have an probably unhealthy love for this box. I photograph on it, I store crafty bit in it. I use it to haul stuff around when I work in other rooms. It's a very good box. Such a thing must be highly valued.


for the better 9.06

This is a blog post to say that I have nothing to say. Hehe.

I want to blog more though. Find something to say when I have feel like I have nothing to say. Would you want to know about everyday minutae? Maybe not, you have your own after all...mine is probably not anymore interesting. Perhaps, I should try to be interesting, read more interesting things, find more interesting items. I need to do this because I tweet too much. Tweeting has made my thoughts small and succinct. It's made it hard to be more verbose and write papers for English class. It's like, I've said everything there is to say here, man. No, I can't squeeze out another paragraph...don't you know I only have 140 characters.

Had a thought about social media, how the sites can take over your life, how they are melding in my head to the point I want to @reply to people on flickr. That might be interesting.

So I'll make more of a concerted effort to post here. Even with school and hopefully more work of some sort eventually. Being restricted did made me creative, but it's time to burst out of those bounds and release my inner rambler. It might be fun.

Post Picture:Newest pair of Dots earrings. I made a bunch of new ones for samples, but they will also be listed.


made it!

My video, come join a community, my secret project and labor love, made it to the top 25 for the Etsy video contest! I'm so excited. When I was working on it, the goal was to finish it. Everything else was gravy. So this is cool. In a few weeks I'll find out if it makes top ten. I'm up against some real talent, so who knows.

In other news, I started school yesterday. By the middle of the day, I really wanted a nap. I ran into a friend that I knew went to that school, too...but I didn't know what time her classes were. That helped time go by faster.

Stil working away on my samples. Waiting for packaging supplies and just trying to be a good user of time. Speaking of which, I need to get my laundry stuff together.

Post Picture: One of the stills from my video.


thisnext:: johnmetbetty

JohnMetBetty Pocketed Shoulder Bag

This bag is stunning, a definite conversation piece. It's a frame, a style I adore, with a strap...and pockets!

The first of its kind...so it's on sale at the moment, as well.

From John Met Betty.

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wb- obit

Somewhere between Friday night and Saturday morning our faithful tube TV died. It was 13 years old. As a result I actually got some more things done.

Today is the start of school! Yes, I'm freaking out. I have been freaking out for the last few days. My classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday so I don't really start until tomorrow. I'll be at school all day on Tuesdays because of the messed up public transit system here and because I scheduled myself a night class. I wanted to take either English or Math this semester. Math was full, so...it's as 7-9:50pm class for me. It's only once a week.

Post Picture: The new little Dots earrings I made for one of the sampler boxes. Most of them will also appear in the shop throughout the week.


days to go

Had orientation for school yesterday. It was interesting.

  • The campus tour was very helpful. Got myself back to B-wing of the LRC building by myself. :)

  • The Monster.com spokeswoman was caffienated. Note to her, nix the techno music in your presentation. *ears bleeding*

  • The student senate president's speech reminded me of Dwight's speech in one episode of The Office

  • There is always a goofball, attention-getting guy isn't there? And he always sits next to me.

  • One of the student resources guys sounded exactly like Kermit the Frog. Realization of this courtesy of aforementioned goofball. I was thinking an grown up Ernie

  • There are also always the beautiful popular girls with the enviable pristine appearance.

  • S is pregnant. T doesn't want it. S will probably keep it to stay connected to T, her parents will make him help. (gossip about strangers courtesy of the aforementioned popular girls next to me)

  • The pizza wasn't good. Glad I had snacks.

  • It was a beautiful day!

Post Picture: A cup full of smiles. The result of my week-long burning session. They will be samples.


zephyr- dinner

Yesterday I made mac and cheese for dinner. We make it from scratch, shredding the cheese and blending the sauce. The problem: we're a cheese loving family and eat a lot of the shredded cheese before the sauce is made. To quell my insatiable gnoshing, I gave myself a little bowl and saved the rest for the meal, with great success.

It was yummy. :)


thisnext:: chakrapennywhistle

chakrapennywhistle:: Moneybag Wallet - US MINT DIMES

Charming! An old money bag made into a wallet. Eco-chic and sturdy. It just makes sense. :D

From Chakra Penny Whistle

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wb- lead on

I'd gotten a custom request about a week ago to make a fanny pack/bum bag based on my wristlet design. Thrilled, I brought out my fabrics and got to work. That was my project for the weekend and...I finished it! It's very much like the Westies, but about an inch wider with darts to make it a bit more pouch-y. I hope she likes it. I'd take a picture of me wearing it...but she's a tiny person. I gave it about 6 inches of play in the strap and it still doesn't really fit me. hehe.

I'm also going to be contributing some small things to Little Black Boxes next month and hopefully the Sampler in October. Really had slacked this year in regards to elpy, taking more time to do some 'self development'. I'm trying to gear up for the holidays...I have hope.

Also, check out this stop-motion video my littlest brother made. (I say littlest, but he's a teenager and taller than me.) Dear bro2, aspiring movie-maker methinks.

Hope you had a great weekend!



This is my 500th post here. In case the title didn't give that away. I can't believe I've been doing this for that long. Couldn't decide if I should go fun or nostalgic with this post...which seems just a little more epic than previous 100s. I mean, that's halfway to 1000.

I love my blog. Is that narcissistic? I mean I love being able to go back and read past entries...and really feel like I'm going back, because, hey! I remember posting that. Sometimes I smile. Sometimes I get a little sad. Lots of ups and downs chronicled here. Fun things and serious changes. (Did you notice the layout is different? Slowly hacking the blogger code. Not done yet.)

Guess I'm going nostalgic. Hehe. This is my fave post all time, about ketchup and insomnia.

To another 500!

Post Picture: My self-portrait yesterday...for the Flickr group.


ThisNext:: studioerinzam

Studioerinzam:: I See You - Original Painting

I happened upon this new shop a few days ago. The bold colors and sweet little birdies drew me in. I'm a fan. Are you?

From Studio Erin Zam

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I helped some more people move today. This time a family that we've known for a long. They were only moving up the street and no dumbwaiter was involved. Seriously, that dumbwaiter is/was a fire hazard.

First, next time I'm asked to help someone move I want to more specifics. Moving is crazy difficult...lots of steps. Am I helping pack boxes? Put the boxes in the moving van? Unloading the moving van? Will there be food? Are you paying me? teehee.

This time was rather mind-boggling. Maybe because unlike the other two times, it involved 5 present family members and 1-3 absent ones. (college, etc.) There was a gaggle of helpers. All with a gazillion questions. And lots of piles of stuff. Lots. They wanted to get it all done today. That wasn't happening.

Helping them made me realize...we, as a country, save/have a lot of stuff. I want to cut down on how much stuff I have. If I have to move tomorrow, I want to be able to pack...and know that everything I have will be used in whereever I'm going.

I'd been allowing my belongings to float around, accumulate and pile up in a fit of passive rebellion. I didn't want to be my mother, the near-epitome of organization. The lady can whip up a chart at the drop of a hat. It was a adolescent thing that I clung to for too long. I called it organized chaos...to be polite. No more. I'm cleaning up and cleaning out. Letting go is hard of stuff is hard sometimes. But it feels good to put things in piles to be listed on eBay (can't be Etsy'd...not vintage) or donated, or just trashed/recycled.

Changing...ever changing. And learning.

Post Picture: Scraps from work on my project. Loverly, no?


wb- finito!

My secret project is done!

I may post more in detail the different steps involved in creating this little 30-second piece. I'd done some backstage work in theater, so I had a clue about how much work goes into making a production. It turned out to be a tiny clue.

Each set piece was designed and created by me, inspired by various Etsy friends. I wanted to give up several times. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I giggled and laughed...and sweated. (Studio lights, even for something this small, are still really hot?) I learned a lot, I pushed myself and now, I'm pretty proud.

Watch it and enjoy! You can leave a comment here or on this blog entry, if you so desire.

ThisNext:: ModCloth

ModCloth:: Living on a Prayer Earrings

Oh, how funky glam! Most 80s fashion rather horrifies me, but these jewels, inspired by that time, are so cool.

from modcloth, my new hang-up.

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Still trying to think of a name for this. I like helping people, so I post sales from Etsy folks and other smaller companies as I find them.

Sample Sale at Prismera- August 2nd- 8th. Some of designer Laura Su's gorgeous jewelry up to 80% off with some further discounts on orders over $20.

Anniversary Sale at Mirieo- August 5th-9th. Come celebrate Mireio's one year anniversary. Browse her selection of travel pillows, sachets, candles, paper goods, and vintage items- all 20% off.

Back to School Sale on Threadless- Thru August 17th. Threadless is my new hang up. Goodness, their tees are super-comfy. All on sale starting at just $8.


ThisNext:: KatyScudieri

KatyScudieri:: Thinking Necklace

I love this because I'm always thinking. Always. A fact you may well know if you're a frequenter of this blog, hehe.

From katyscudieri.

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wb- phase three

Phase two has been completed mostly. I have tons of pictures from that...because that was phase two was. Now comes phase three. Hopefully, I'll be able to share my project with you at the end of the week...that will be phase four.

Because of that hope/goal, a set of church events this weekend, and because of the other big news: I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! (provided my old pediatrician has proof I've had all my shots)- I won't be on Twitter much. But I'll post here, and Flickr and Etsy. This week will be crazy busy.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's to a crazy busy week!

Post Picture: One of the last shots of phase two...that I could share. Tripods are very handy items. So are parents. hehe


moment of your time

You may or may not know that I'm currently a member of Etsy's first Community Council, a small group they put together of sellers and buyers from various categories and years of experience. (I might just be older in Etsy years than some of the admin, hehe) They've been working to get us to test a new tool, the long awaited ability to rearrange the order your shop listings appear. It's not bad. But if it were up to me, some more changes would be made first.

Acting as your temporary community liaison, (can I get a badge, please?) I want to give you a chance to get your voice heard. (Feel it's only fair I share the power.) I've put together a short survey, with a few questions regarding rearranging your shop, based on what is and isn't present in that function at the moment. There's also a spot for you to give me any other ideas on the subject.

Note that I am NOT an admin. The Community Council stint will likely only last a few months. This survey was put together by me, unaffiliated with Etsy, but I do intend to share the findings with the appropriate admin.


Click here to take survey


ThisNext:: Paper*Cakes

ChelseaVanTol:: Cute Royal Blue Vintage Purse

Vintage comes through in the...clutch. (pun intended)

Hehe. Blue is one of my favorite colors and this little asymmetrical ditty is just adorable.

From Paper*Cakes.

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Phase Two

I've moved on to the next step of my project. Thank you for the encouraging comments and compliments. I treasure them. This is a huge personal challenge that has gotten my family involved with my crafting. It's pretty sweet.

Unchartered territory from here on out, folks.

*bites nails to the quick*


ThisNext:: RedPanda

redpanda:: Sterling Wrapped Eudialyte Pendant

Ok, this is awesome! I'm a sucker for wire-wrapping, right? But this is chainmaille wrapped. Cabochons, (the fancy name for the big focal stone seen here) are mesmerizingly pretty. I like to touch them when I go to the beads store though I have little clue to work with them. This is a beautiful idea, using eudialyte, a stone I hadn't heard of until I saw this piece. Love it!

From tweetpal and Etsy friend, redpanda.

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WB- People!


What have I been up to? Why, crafting on my secret project of course. I made 5 little people out of paper, using a technique called quilling.

The first one took most of the day, the other four I finished the day after. I got the basic idea from a book, but I tweaked that and made up my own styles and patterns from there. Once I'd figured out the process, I was a machine. Usually I have to warm up to my creations. These I loved instantly upon completion. I did take a group shot.

Also, my brothers are gone for most of the week. Our church has a youth retreat every year. This year they both went. I realized, while taking out the trash which is normally Bro1's chore, that we'll soon be on our own. We'll have to do for ourselves the things that are shared among the three of us. Felt I should thank them more. (Our trash can is a green mammoth.) Yes, I got all sentimental and sappy. (sigh) But I haven't been an only child for 20+ years. It's weird. We're kinda dull, the parents and I. Can't help but think that when I'm away, I'm not missed as much as they are...they're so loud.

Post Picture: The coolest of the people I made. Wasn't sure if I should make 4 or 5. One of my tweet pals said 5 and instantly this idea came to mind. I might have a crush on him. I think it's the arms.


Blurble 7.16

I'm really enjoying this summer weather. It's not very hot so the humidity is bearable. When it's not raining (and it's done lots of that) it's very pretty.

Still working on my secret project. Hands are very covered in glue. I thought I could finish constructing the various pieces in one week...last week. I also thought that I could strip the paint and wallpaper in my room in a month. That ended up taking about 8 months. Lots of paint and wallpaper. I'm not a good estimator of how long it will take to get things done. I'm hoping this won't take that long. I hope to have construction down this week. Hoping.

Passed 10k tweets on Twitter. Not sure what that means...besides that I tweet a lot. You can follow me if you would like.

Post Picture: A picture from my trip to Elizabeth Park.


ThisNext:: romiceramics

romiceramics:: Large Folded A Vase

These are fantastic. I have mad love for ceramic/porcelain/clay artists. And paper is a favorite material of mine for crafting. These are a smooth blending of the two in this rocking set of vases.

From romi ceramics

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WB- Busy

This weekend was fun, a nice little diversion that I did need. Perhaps I enjoyed myself too much, getting back into working on projects seems tougher today.

On Friday, bro1 got fired. That's wasn't fun, but it wasn't really a surprise. It wasn't his fault, not in our biased estimation...or in that of his peer-level coworkers. It was a retail tragedy. But to celebrate our common joblessness, we had lunch together at this little diner down the street. Little diners are such culinary gems. Scrumptious food on the cheap.

Then we went to the movies. We never go to the movies, I think the last thing I saw in a theater was Evening. (gag) So this was a big deal to us- me, the bros and the dadperson.

Saturday I rode my bike around town. For exercise. (holla!) I've been trying to be more active. My clothes were getting tight. I've been at it a week and have noticed a difference in how I feel. Endorphins...what a rush!

I worked on my project, generated lots of scraps. I think I've saved every scrap of acid-free cardstock from every project I've done since I was about 15. All in a ziploc bag. Amazing.

Sunday was church. Then fireworks at a nearby town's annual celebration. And I forgot my camera. Because I'm that awesome. I think this little girl next to us fell asleep in her father's arms. I want that skill. We were right under the display! Fireworks are cool.

Hope this doesn't sound entirely like a 12-year-old's journal. Weekends are generally lazy as all get out. This one was more memorable.

Now...back to work.

Post Picture: One of my secret project photos. I have two pieces done. One halfway, another about 1/4. I think I might need to make some people. Not sure, yet. And a plane...maybe I need a plane.



Wow, what a difference a day makes. I was all happy in the previous post about my project. This morning I woke up with a sense of dread and panic. A thousand thoughts of doubts raced around in my mind. I can't do this. It's impossible. It will look like crap.

I kept thinking about my 4-H project, though. Back when I was 15 and made a 3-piece outfit in about 2 months. That was crazy, my parents later told me. I didn't think it was. I didn't know...I just wanted to win a ribbon. Haha. I tried to apply that logic here. It took a while but I'm beat the doubt for the moment. We'll see what happens when the action I'm clueless about starts. hehe

Now to figure out how to paint the world.

Post Picture: Pieces of the secret project puzzle. :)