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You may or may not know that I'm currently a member of Etsy's first Community Council, a small group they put together of sellers and buyers from various categories and years of experience. (I might just be older in Etsy years than some of the admin, hehe) They've been working to get us to test a new tool, the long awaited ability to rearrange the order your shop listings appear. It's not bad. But if it were up to me, some more changes would be made first.

Acting as your temporary community liaison, (can I get a badge, please?) I want to give you a chance to get your voice heard. (Feel it's only fair I share the power.) I've put together a short survey, with a few questions regarding rearranging your shop, based on what is and isn't present in that function at the moment. There's also a spot for you to give me any other ideas on the subject.

Note that I am NOT an admin. The Community Council stint will likely only last a few months. This survey was put together by me, unaffiliated with Etsy, but I do intend to share the findings with the appropriate admin.


Click here to take survey

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