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Hey hey!

Rebecca here, the person behind the elpy brand.

I'm a budding, emerging, aspiring, indie designer from Connecticut. I create what I love and love what I create and hope that you do, too. This is my blog, where you can read about the inner working of my work and life beyond.


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I read this article on lighting and making a very inexpensive lightbox. So I did, took some pics, and made the layout below. It's the 30th listing in my shop. Getting to 30 items was a bit of a goal of mine. I was close before then listings started to expire.  

This is the third Westie Wristlet I've made. Also available in beige and tealPosted by Picasa


I kinda forgot about this blog again. I just feel so un-noteworthy sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Or in the heat of a perfect blog moment, I'm nowhere near a blogging device.

As for LP by rJax...well I have a ton of new ideas. I also found a tutorial online about making a lightbox. I need a better light...but the pics are soooo much better than relying only on the sun, which is setting ever sooner now that Daylight Savings has started. Or is it ended? What are we saving it for?

Still no job. My mom's stressing out it more than me. I don't get as depressed as I used to. I wasn't depressed about the job at all. That's not something you can just kick though.

I'm making a Photoshop creation. Must go to class soon. Man, when that's over...