Blurble 6.29

I have a distint feeling I will use the title Blurble again. So I dated it this time.

Those potholders have 5 hearters. This suprised me. Of all the ones I've listed I was sure these would be among the first to get sold. But yet, here they are. None of the other sets have as many hearters and the ones that have sold weren't hearted at all if I remember correctly. To figure out the buying public. I need to take a class or something.

I got nice feedback today. From Flibbertyjibbet. She's currently a buyer only who loves potholders...at least from her feedback.
These pot holders are ever so delightful! I used them last night to pick up my pasta pot and drain it. Yay!

That made me feel good. I'm happy, she's happy.

Had theater today. One of these days I'll have to take the camera so I can post pics of the crowded, unventilated room I work in. It's fun, though. We didn't do much work. That might tick off the director ladies. *shrugs* Some things can't be helped.