thisnext:: to 2010

Dear New Year, may you rock!
Picks to help you get things done and be encouraged.

QueenvannaCreations:: Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar

Get this sweet handmade calendar from Queenvanna to adorn your desk or shelf and you'll never need another. Just keep rotating the blocks and you're all set.

Available in a variety of paper schemes and blank for you to create yourself.

From QueenVanna

The Container Store:: To-Do Lists

I like to make lists. Problem: I often use the backs of scrap paper or some such so my lists are usually lost before I can commit them to memory. Hence making another list, on another scrap of paper and...well, you can see where this is going.

These little books are great because they're narrow like a list normally is but all bound together...like a book normally is. hehe.

From The Container Store
DGU ceramic bank

Because you/I totally shouldn't. Just a little extra encouragement to keep saving, keep going.

From printliberation

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