I'm particularly pleased with this picture. I keep practicing, trying to get better with item photography. This spills over into photographing life, too. Not as much as I would like but I do it. Goes with this listing.

Of my unfinished Acute earrings. Another pic is on my flickr. The blue/green ones really are blue and green. It's the first time I actually made a pair using two different colors. What took me so long you wonder? I really don't know. But I went with it when the idea hit me.

I burned the custom magnet for my mother's hairdresser. You can see the concept sketch on my flickr. I don't sketch often. But I'm always glad when I do. It's nice to have that reference, to compare.

Guess that was a personal Photopalooza, which I think is over now, but was fun. Posts with pictures are always nice.