Blurble 10.13

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I have no idea for a title today, sorry. You can read other blurble posts, too. When my thoughts are too scattered to harness into a coherent post, I blurble. :P

I took that picture of my cat yesterday. She was sitting one of the windows and I thought it was really cool how the sun made her look like she was glowing. She wasn't too happy with me all in her face, and I guess the camera didn't smell too interesting. Shortly after I took this shot, she left the window. She's not a very obliging subject at times. But she's cute.

Still a little frustrated. Such a muddle, I'm in. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Physically, I'm fine. I just think myself into such problems, it's ridiculous.

It's cold, now. It's October so it should be, but I was kinda liking the whole 80-degree-fall thing. Gotta break out long-sleeved stuff. I realize around this time that I have a lot of ugly clothes.

My stereo is dying a slow, ornery death. I'm very sad. Very sad.