some tools required

Sometimes I excuse myself from doing things because I tell myself that I lack one (or some) of the tools that I believe would guarantee my success. These tools are not necessary, the task could be done without them. The added problem is that sometimes I will get one of the items on the list and continue to procrastinate because I've gotten myself to believe that I need EVERYTHING.

I told myself that I would exercise more if I only had an exercise mat. But I couldn't find a good one. My floors are hardwood so the thin yoga mats don't help much. The bulky fold-up ones would be too hard to store. So...I let exercising slip. I would walk when I could, and did start running late last year. But if I only had a mat...

Then I found the mat in the picture. And it is a DREAM It's easy to store, it masks the hardness of the floor superbly (sometimes I just lay on it to read) and at the time of purchase it was on sale. So perfection. Unlike in previous need-a-tool-get-a-tool-need-another-tool procrastination situations, I have been exercising more. I log my workouts on dailymile, which helps. I've started setting goals and really making a point of doing something, even if it's only a few minutes, or taking the long way home from the bus. It's a fight...to show my thankfulness for the mat by actually using it. But I'm always glad, even in momentarily exhausted, when I do. It's the best thirty bucks I've spent in a while.