Blurble 11.02


Ha, I just realized that today's date 1102 is the number for the store where I used to work. Not the phone number, but the little code number that distinguish it from the 2999 other stores in the country. I'm still so glad I'm not working there anymore.

Today I will:
Photograph new wristlet(s)
Restring at least one of the two necklaces I have to repair
Finish an ACEO
Topstich other wristlet straps
Persuade Dad to puh-lease trim the wood for the magnets. (I generally cut the myself, but these two pieces need to be trimmed with the big saw first. *treasures her fingers*)
Work on my room.
Drink something hot, it's freezing here

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll have to talk to my mom, too. Discuss functions in math. Don't get 'em. First step is to get off the computer, which I'll do after this post. :P

Post Picture: A rental car we had for a week while our back-up car, which is now our only car, was in the shop. It was a sweet little ride. Little. After our van, it was a smidge cramped.