Picture taking is badness

I made new earrings. I bought some sterling silver earwires from Starry Designs, another Etsy sellers. BTW, I think I may convert to SS earwires except when I'm trying to make it casual and go with a dusky look. But you,(you?), I could just oxidize them. Anyway, they're super comfortable.

My problem is that my camera won't take nice pictures of the earrings. I, of course, am far from a digiphoto expert. (For the record I haven't seen anyone use digiphoto before. If you use it, please credit me with the invention...okay, I'm kidding.) But I don't recommend the Kodak Easyshare DX6490. It's driving me nuts, but I'll have to live with it until I have enough $$, which may take a few years, to be a nice new one that takes a picture of what is there doesn't change the colors. It's annoying.

Oh and I started a new blog. Why? Because I can. I shouldn't have, I have enough to do to keep this and the LJ one updated. I don't know why I stress myself out with an added blog.

So, new earrings are coming to LP by rJax in the very near future...if I ever manage to get a few nice pics.