The new month is already nearly two days old. Amazing. September flew by in a mix of sample making, contest-voting and school work. Now the air has turned almost bitterly brisk and I have a huge apple cider craving.

Post Picture: I bought bamboo yarn a while ago from Wicked Westie. It's sumptuous, but at the time I didn't know how to knit. I've since learned the basics and searched all over the internet for a pattern...and a guide to reading knitting instructions.

I found this one on knitty. Youtube'd some videos to help with the stitches I didn't know how to do and went to it.

About half-a-skein in, I realized that what I was knitting was NOT looking like the pattern and frogged it all...then i took a picture. The yarn all crimpy from being unraveled reminded me of ramen noodles.

Started over and have made way fewer mistakes. It's really pretty and almost done. :)