I'm not sure why, but I'm dead tired when I wake up. It's like I didn't sleep at all. Very odd.

We're going to the movies today. A theater that closed and then re-opened has a 'matinee-price-all-day' thing on Tuesdays. The choice is between Iron Man and the new Narnia. I think we're leaning Iron Man.

I've done some offloading on eBay. Searched for supplies and didn't get the D-SLR that I thought would be mine. Not that I actually tried...just admired from a far. It was a nice camera, for what I know of them. One day...

Got my Metalliferous order, too. Chain tags and earwires. I hope they put all their stuff in their online store. It's so easy. I could get addicted to buying online.

Post Picture: Taken by me in April '08. I thought it was cool how the moon looked like a button.