Blurble 7.27

If you google Google you get 785,000,000 results. :P Just an FYI.

Yesterday at theater went swimmingly. It was unbelievable. I'd been praying since Tuesday. The director was way less evil and showed glimpses of being brilliant. It was amazing. Next week, is Tech Week, where they're gonna run through the whole show with costumes, lights, set, makeup, band...everything. Late nights.

I really want to redo my banner. I'm considering dropping the LP from my shop name and just going with 'rjax'. That might cause confusion though, because 'rJax' isn't my name on Etsy. At any rate that banner is old.

I made one of a pair of new earrings. They're white. I kinda like them, but I think something's missing. Of course, I've been told I don't have to LOVE everything I make. And I do like them enough to list them. I just feel like there should be more to them.