Blurble 1.9.09

My brain is scattered and my eyes are tired. They sorta promoted me at work. I didn't really want it and it may just be temporary. So much of the workings of this job are flightly...for as structured as it may appear. Anyway.

Helped a friend move this week. Realized that getting stuff packed isn't the real hard part, it's getting the now-packed stuff out of the aparment/house. She lived on the third floor or a grand old Victorian accessible only by a two-level staircase and dumb waiter. Yeah. It's really cool the first time. You quickly want to just hurl boxes...and possibly even yourself, out of the window. Not to die, just 'cause
it would be faster.

I want to play with my camera. I've lost a lens cap already.
It's supposed to snow this weekend, so I'll be reading a lot. Crafting some I hope.

Post Picture: I took the Rebel outside for a short bit and snapped some shots before my fingers started to feel numb. This is of a branch on my neighbor's shrub.