No, I'm not 40, not for a long while yet. (for real) I got to 40 sales. I'm so happy. I love even numbers, and numbers that end in zero. So I have 60 items listed and 40 items sold which equals 100 items total that have passed through the shop. (actually there were others) I'm in even number heaven!

My mind is racing with ideas for Minta. I'm scavenging for possible supplies on Etsy and eBay. eBay's good for finding odd, funky things. (and selling old books for cheap) I'm trying to come up with names I like. I think I can make the loose ideas fit one of the names, instead of just winging it and stressing for a name later. Playing around with this collection is the most fun I've had with elpy yet.

And an 'old' friend emailed me yesterday. It was sooo nice to hear from her. People always say that and it sounds shallow and cheesy to me, but I mean it in the most genuine way. I told her so.

So this month is ending better than it started. A sale. A job. A collection. A nice email. It's interesting to go with the change in life instead of fighting it or hiding from it.