Catch-up...no mustard

I had been tagged by BijouxBoutique in the online tag game. I was tagged once before, so for now I'm just going to link to that entry
and not tag anyone else just yet. My blogroll is rather small and...well, yeah. *may be a spoilsport*

So I got a jewelry commission, fourteen necklaces and fourteen pairs of earrings. It's kinda funny because I got it purely on word of mouth. They hadn't even seen my goods. Heh. I hope I can do it, design something they like. I have a while, the event isn't until September. Still, I know, the sooner I get started...

It snowed again. Now it rains. Welcome to March in NE! bleh! C'mon April! Ha!

Post Picture: A pic of a sign by the highway. Took it with my cell phone a long time ago, about two years or so. Converted it to b&w and cropped it in PSE.