[sumeria] for your ear

Sumeria Earrings. First time I ever used a prop in my pics but I need something to balance them. I like it.

I learned how to oxidize sterling silver yesterday. I'd bought LOS and had some plastic containers. I read more directions that I probably needed to. Then I set up everything outside on my worktable (far less illustrious that it sounds but it's the perfect height) and watched the stuff work.

I'm fairly pleased. The earwires look blacker than they are in real life where you can still see tints of green, they're pretty. I did lose two headpins in the process...it was windy and I was too excited with my new skill to weight the paper towel down. heh

Yesterday, I also redid the titles in my shop. I decided, in a rather random way, that I like the simpler titles. Plus, it's free to edit on Etsy and I love to edit. I don't think I'll change them back entirely. But I'll play around with the words. elpy's slowly finding its identity.