I took a metal class yesterday. I sort of fell into it, the class. It was given by Etsyan Heart of the Fire. She has a gallery/studio not far from my house. I'd seen advertisements for her gallery, but I didn't know she was on Etsy until yesterday.

I made the bracelet in the picture. I lurve it! The class was about hand-forging and soldering. I made the rings in different sizes, which was tricky because the wire did get work hardened from the wrapping rather quickly. I cut them, filed them (loathe) and soldered them. I quenched them, pickled them, bashed them, gashed them, and had them tumbled. It was a while in the making, but I love it. It was a small class...only two other ladies. But it was fun...late, but fun.

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It's America's 232nd birthday today...well, we celebrate it today. Happy 4th of July, my readers! (even if you're not American...still ought to have a good day)