I've broken through a huge mental block/conniption. I'm such a mental person, I think all the time. For a while I was so unable to focus. But I've largely let go. I still have it on my mind, but it's not as consuming. Change! It's exciting, too.

Did some burning today. I actually finished a new set of magnets. It's been so grey and rainy here though I haven't been able to get around to taking pictures. I made a change in the process, the way I wanted to do it all along. I'm pleased.

I went grocery shoppin' with my mom and I met Colin Cowherd. (I'm not tellin' you what store.) He's a radio talk show host on ESPN. I love his show. Like seriously. I may not have come out much that I'm a bit of a sports junkie. But I met him, was starstruck and smiled a lot. Haha! It was weird.

I also got un-NIPSA'd on Flickr. Not totally blog-worthy but hey...

So, yeah, hopefully I'll get some decent pics of my new things soon. Sun, please, I'd like to see you again.