Geekin' out

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These sold! *dances*

I'm very excited. Of course, my form of excitement is very internalized. I also sold this hematite fan/swag that I loved to ogle but was pretty sure I'd never use.

So I just made like $70 in 2 days. I could so get used to this. Haha! New supplies to make new things. I'm so excited. Happy happy happy. And I may have a custom order coming soon. I hope this is a change that lasts.

I still want to open that second shop. Photography and paper goods. I need a name. I'd like to have an 'r' in it...for my name. But I don't want to use rJax. If you think of something feel free to leave a comment.

This also means I need a new goal for the year. Getting to 20 was my realistic goal. The swag sale put me there. Maybe 40.