WB- Snappin'

I go in and out of creative phases. I want to knot and will crank out umpteen pairs of earrings. I want to burn and will finish duplicates of all the magnets I have listed. At the moment, I want to photograph things. I have lots more bits to add to the Closet and oodles of things to rephotograph. So I hope I can get it done before the urge passes and I get all frustrated with having so much to photograph.

Desire to create is pretty low. I really want to concentrate on presenting what I have in the best way possible, get that stuff selling regularly. Most of my ideas have been made, even if they aren't listed (in the case of the woodburned art- see pic). So I don't have that pressure in my mind.

Post Picture: One of my pyro art pieces. They were to be coasters, but those patterns are just a tad to involve to just set a cup on. But I'm not having an easy time figure out how to photo them. That one's nice, but I should show it hanging on a wall or wall-like area, yes? Walls in my house are florally-wallpapered. :/