Blurble 3.08

Again, running the reusable titles together. heh

I bought some beads and thread today and was able to finish another pair of post-less Acutes. Next on my list to buy is some posts. Yeah. I'm working on cranking out something new every day. So far, for day one, so good.

Went with my dad to Woodcraft. They were having a sort of demonstration on Flexshafts. Granted, the guy was talking about woodcarving, this was a wood craft place. But I really want a Flexshaft now. And I met a little lady who was all enthusiastic and friendly and showed a book on woodturned jewelry. Oh my gosh. There were some beautiful ideas/pieces in that book. I'm not sure how 'artisan' I want to get, but I think I could...ooh, my mind just raced as we flipped through the pages.

We went the art store, too. I think it's the only pure art store left around where I live, across the street from a white house. heh. The store guy was totally out of movie with a way of talking that you almost think is over-played, lot of head nods and California-ish drawls. It was humorous to see my non-artist father and this guy trying to hash out with material was best. My dad is a hard sell, but especially when he's confused.

Then I came home, ate Chinese and watched Transformers with the fam again. I really like that movie.

Post Picture: Taken by me last November but it looked pretty much like that today. A little brighter, but rainy, lots of rain. I'm NOT complaining. It could have snowed again. *phew*