I have about 5 supplies purchase coming in over the next few days. *hopes* One's coming from Canada and I've heard horror stories about that postal service. This is a picture I took as a customer appreciation. It's from Etsy seller sultryaffairbeads. Came super quick. The origami swan was an unexpected gift. I love getting Etsy purchases

Acute in White

I listed those earrings today. I'm back to photographing my wares. I should build up a stock so that's all I have to do is photograph them because...well, it will be easier for me.

I do really love Acutes, Extrapolated and Original. (the ones above are Originals) The possibilities are endless.

I take the SAT this Saturday. Yes, I graduated high school a while ago, but for one reason and another I didn't take the test. It's a goal of mine. I'm most nervous about the math section because I never liked math. I have taken a practice one and scored fairly well. Pray for me. :)