Blurble 4.22

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So I've been somewhat absent from my online doings for a while. I do apologize. My job is monotonous but tiring: Work quickly but don't make mistakes, there could be MILLIONS of dollars at stake. Seriously. Taxes, ya know. Anyway, I sit there all day so when I get home I want to go out and walk around.

Of course that makes me even more tired so then I just veg in front of the TV. Heh. Not good. But I do have some money so I can buy more supplies and try to discipline myself to work on things for my shop and the jewelry commission that I've kind of abandoned because it's not needed until September and I have the BAD habit of procrastinating until the week/night before.

Also, people who talk all day about the nitty-gritty TMI stuff of their lives annoy me. People who think they know everything and so butt into everyone else conversations to correct them annoy me, too. I have an idea from an SPT this Thursday. Thanks co-workers!

Post Picture: Me with my new sunglasses...which I love and pocket mirror from mlee that I also love. Cropped and stuff in PSE.