wb- finito!

My secret project is done!

I may post more in detail the different steps involved in creating this little 30-second piece. I'd done some backstage work in theater, so I had a clue about how much work goes into making a production. It turned out to be a tiny clue.

Each set piece was designed and created by me, inspired by various Etsy friends. I wanted to give up several times. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I giggled and laughed...and sweated. (Studio lights, even for something this small, are still really hot?) I learned a lot, I pushed myself and now, I'm pretty proud.

Watch it and enjoy! You can leave a comment here or on this blog entry, if you so desire.

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ModCloth:: Living on a Prayer Earrings

Oh, how funky glam! Most 80s fashion rather horrifies me, but these jewels, inspired by that time, are so cool.

from modcloth, my new hang-up.

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