This is actually old news

But Blogger and my computer were fighting and I couldn't update for a while. I am on blog. You can join groups and comment on art/crafts and upload pics of your own items.

I had participated on and off on this site as my computer would allow. Most recently, in April, I sent some of my pics to one of the groups I'm in Artisan Craft. They added them to their gallery. The pic in this entry is the collage she made for me. It looks so nice. Kinda professional. I was very happy.

I also Google myself from time to time. Well, I google my shop, not my real name as that's kinda popular and none of the results are really me. I'm kind of invisible to Google as myself.

Yesterday, when I was feeling down again, I found myself on My Indie Jewelry. It made my day.

Hopefully my computer will stop being a pain and I'll have new news to report on soon.