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I broke my first saw blade last night. I got one cut down and filed and was halfway through the second when the blade snapped. I wanted badly to change it and keep sawing. But I wanted to take a picture and it was too late to take it then. I feel like a bona fide metalsmith now. Okay, not really...but it's like a right of passage, yes? I quickly broke another one.

I finished the prototype of my project, which I didn't photograph yet, because I want to finish a proper one; the prototype has two boo-boos.

Sterling silver is much easier to saw than aluminum flashing. Haha. I think I need a better saw. Mine won't stay taut. It wiggles alot. It was cheap. I didn't want to blow a lot of money if I didn't like metalsmithing...but I'm addicted. It's very rewarding so far.