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It's very muggy when I am...across the street from a white house. All my crafting stuff is upstairs where it's really hot. So I bring down what I can. Can't move the sewing machine, though.

So I finally framed my mlee print. There was a lot of back and forth and just forgetting. My mom bought me the perfect frame the other day. Love it. I'll try to get a better pic later.

My beads from the Netherlands came yesterday. That's what I call them, the beads from the Netherlands. (how come some countries have 'the' in front of them? no one says i'm going to the France?) I love them. I made a pair of earrings for myself, already know what I'm going to wear with them and made two pairs for the shop. I'm calling them Nautico...for some reason though, that feels like something that's already famous. Google found nothing.

Those are Nautico short. The others are on long kidney wires. I really like the kidney wires. I could use those all the time.

I'm still having a pricing issue, mainly with my mother and myself. I believe my items are worth what I charge. But she insinuates that I'd get more sales if they were lower and I made up the diff in shipping. But I can't justify charging $6 to ship earrings domestically. Conundrum. *sigh*