Ways to promote your site

[sites to advertise in from the forums]

1. www.postaroo.com/postaroo
2. www.craigslist.com
3. www.myspace.com/etsy
4. www.cracker.com.au
5. www.cmather.com
6. www.stumbleupon.com
7. www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl
8. froogle.google.com/
9. www.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx
10. www.dmoz.org/add.html
11. www.ecom.yahoo.com/dir/submit/intro/
12. www.adwords.google.com/
13. seocompany.ca/directory/free-web-directories.html
14. www.blogger.com/start
15. www.flickr.com/ (please see www.etsy.com/forums_topic.php?thread_id=18481&page_id=1 first).
16. www.freecraftfair.com/link_exchange.html
17. www.freecraftfair.com/categories.html
18. kijiji.com
19. community.livejournal.com/etsy_lj/
20. UniversityChic.com/promotions
21. etsy.com/forums_topic.php?thread_id=7809
22. boingboing.net/suggest.html
23. australia.tribe.net/local?guess=true
24. bobbiisdesignsndeals.com/Art/gallery2/main.php
25. clickthru.com
26. www.43things.com/things/view/70128
27. linktiles.com/
28. craftersbuzz.com/
29. www.stylehive.com/
30. www.stylefeeder.com/
31. digg.com/
32. www.adsbay.com/
33. www.bust.com/
34. www.comcast.net/
35. www.comcast.net/comcast.html
36. www.oodle.com/
37. www.expo.live.com/
38. www.robotlaundry.com/index.php
39. www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl
40. www.bloglines.com/
41. www.linkedin.com/
42. www.abwa.org/
43. www.ryze.com/
44. fogster.com/
45. craftersbuzz.com/
46. www.thisnext.com/
47. del.icio.us/
48. www.linktiles.com/
49. www.backpage.com/
50. www.bobbiisdesignsndeals.com/
51. www.popbitch.com

[other advertising ideas]

1. Join forums and put your Etsy store URL in your signature, if the forum rules allow it.
2. Find people to link to your Etsy store, and do the same for them in return.
3. Put your Etsy URL in your e-mail signature
4. Advertise in free bulletin boards
5. Do business card swaps with other Etsy sellers.
6. Vistaprint.com - free business cards and give them away like crazy.
7. Give free samples & business cards to friends & family - even if you're shy about promoting yourself, your mom will likely brag you up!
8. Craft shows, farmers markets, etc. are a great way to show your stuff & hand out cards & brochures.
9. Talk about Etsy at craft groups (such as Stitch 'n' Bitch gatherings) Even if these people join up as sellers, we all know that sellers also buy! (Sometimes we buy more than we sell!)
10. Make bookmarks with your Etsy URL on them and give them to libraries and schools.
11. Ask shops, libraries, and any business with windows to have your advert on their window.
12. Give presents that you've make and accidentally give your business card with it ;)
13. When someone needs your name, address or phone number give 'em your business card that has all your details as well as your Etsy store URL!
14. Always wear items that you’ve made and have your business cards on hand to give to people who comment on your stuff.
15. Make up coupons for your store and leave them everywhere (people are more likely to visit your shop knowing that there's a discount, etc).
16. www.etsy.com/forums_topic.php?thread_id=26225

and some tips from one of our "powersellers" - whatever she's doing, it's definitely working!

10% off repeat business coupon with my packages that I send out. I have quite a few return to use their coupon.
Get inexpensive coupon/postcards from Vistaprint, and use the back to write a note to the buyer.
Send a free magnet to new customers.

Look at the buyers profile if they have one, or their favorites if they don't. If there is a particular theme (trees or dogs), I will try to send a magnet that reflects their interest.
Customers are looking for customer service and personal service. Always send an e-mail or convo to let the buyer know that you have received their order and payment and let them know when you will be shipping. Also send an e-mail letting them know it has been shipped. If a buyer leaves me nice feedback, I reward them with a brief convo of thanks.

If they don't leave feedback within a couple weeks, contact them to insure that they received the item. Don't e-mail or convo your customers to death, but keep them informed and let them know their purchase is appreciated! Most people would prefer to buy from someone who acts like they care that they had a sale.
Flickr! Remember to post your items to other groups out there in flickr land. Etsy has several groups, there are polymer clay groups, handmade groups etc. Search under groups and see what you find. This applies to LJ as well.
Join, join, join
Network, network, network
List daily if you can (at prime times) and stagger your listings.

Use all 14 tags per listing

Work to get featured on blogs. A lot of etsy sellers post threads in the forum asking for sellers to feature.
Adding a few of my own thoughts
The golden rule - do unto others.
Read others' blogs. Comment on their entries (include a link to your blog/shop).

Shop on Etsy. This includes "window-shopping", giving hearts to items and shops, and buying handmade whenever you can - the holidays are approaching. Support handmade!
Participating in forums IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER. Honestly, I stay away from the Etsy forums these days not because I don't want to participate, but because I'm appalled at the unprofessionalism that is shown by sellers in that public forum. But I do make an occasional appearance there, and I also participate in other forums.

Participate in Etsy Treasuries, not just by making them, but by looking at them, clicking on items within them (which brings their popularity higher up) and leaving comments.
Look at the shops of people who have hearted you. Heart them back if you like their work, too.
Be patient, with your selling AND creating. Quality over quantity.
Brand yourself. Give yourself an image. Coordinate your banner, business cards, avatar, packing materials, web page, receipt pages. Make sure it's seomthing that you want to stick with. I did mine in all black & white because I think it represents my work and personality well, and because it's a heck of a lot cheaper!
Get yourself out there!!!
I'm sure I'll think of/come across more! Looking forward to hearing from other successful sellers!