Of the same

day21- Branding

My magnets came today, the pieces to glue on the back. I'm very happy. She gave me 20 extra so I have 120. Haha. I'm special. I went through 20 magnets much faster than I thought. I got these for a wonderful price. I'm very happy. So more magnets will soon be in the shop.

I also finished the redo of the earring I started. I like it, but it looks a little bare. I'm not sure how to remedy this. Black and white is so classy that I'm not sure if I should introduce another color in beads or go with a grey...or just leave it alone. I don't have any grey beads, though, so getting some would mean a trip to the store. Not all bad, just slightly inconvenient.

Post Picture: Magnet blanks waiting to be branded. I don't have a custom burning tip so everything has to be drawn and burned individually. That's not all bad. Day 22 of Crafting 365.

Photoshop Elements(PSE) play: B&W conversion then Old Paper filter.