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The picture above was taken through four pairs of safety glasses. I was being random when I took it, but I kinda liked it. I wear safety glasses everyday as I work on my room. One day, it will all be done and I'll have to move out because I'm 30. That's years away, but still.

I feel like I'm stuck again. In so many ways. I'm tired even after I've slept because all why I'm going to sleep I'm stressing. I worry a lot. I'm going away this weekend. Suddenly I've developed a social life. But after this, I'll be home for a while...until I can convince someone to give me a job. (Through an interview of course...I just hate them.)

I cut 19 pieces for magnets yesterday. I have 16 left to sand. Cutting went lickety-split. I was so happy. Clamps are a great invention. One day, maybe I'll have a real workshop/studio and will look back with wonder on these times. How did I work with that? Because I was young and naive. :P

I may write him today. (Who the 'him' isn't really important. Read back a few entries and you'll kinda know.) It's just an email, right? If he doesn't respond, like he hasn't, then I'll have done what I can.