I lived

Okay, I didn't do anything all that grand. I just wnet to the meeting for the crew for the play. I met my crew-mates. They're hilarious. I didn't say a whole lot, they talked about people from their school, but it was fun. I'm glad I chose to do this. It's making me want things from life. I was so apathetic for so long.

I'm ix-naying the dark philosophic stuff, now. :)
I should go make something. Etsy is still taking a while to put up new listing, but I should keep creating, right? So I have something to list...eventually.

Oh, and one totally random question: Why do so many guys have such nice eyelashes? I'm not one to quibble endlessly about eyelashes and the shapes of my fingernails, normally. But there was this guy at the rehearsal yesterday and his eyes were almost entrancing. Slightly pathetic, I guess. But it's true.

So there, you have two sides from me: dark and thoughtful, slightly crazy and random.