I'm blogging early today. I want to get work done and I seem to get stuck to the computer when I'm on. Most of my life is online. I'm not sure how healthy that is.

Anyway, I've made a list of things to do today. Hope...still hoping to get some more new things made for the market. I also want to photograph some things for elpy [Closet].

I went to the movies last night with my dad and Bro2. We saw Hancock. The story wasn't bad. But I'm a prude,the language became annoying. It was not as bad as I know it could be but sometimes...It was a nice night out...away from making things. Though I did contemplate bringing a bracelet to knot. heh.

Post Picture: A work of art I did for a high school art class. When I was younger I punched dots out of construction paper and glued them into mosaics. I'm into meticulous stuff. This was that largest I did. It's a tree in autumn on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.