Blurble 2.14

Hmm...not sure what to say.

I sold this to my mom. She wants me to make more and call them 'Wall Enhancers'. I'm not sure they really really fit with what I'm trying, trying, to do with my shop. I think there can be too much diversification. Woodburned art...I don't know. Just don't know.

I took a Self Portrait for the SPT Flickr group. It's me and my teddy...bear. :P I've had here since I was born. If that bear could talk...

I finished reading Mansfield Park. As I wrote earlier, I've been watching The Complete Jane Austen on PBS. I have read three of Austen's books. So I'm filling in on the ones I hadn't. The movie was of MP was quite like the book. I was pleased. There were differences but nothing glaringly erroneously like with some versions of Jane Eyre. *won't get started*

I'm really chatty, ATM, which isn't like me. *sigh*

Post Picture (top): My backyard, yesterday. It snowed into Wednesday and then rained all day. Fairly hard. It was a slushy, ice cold mess. I stayed inside.