From the far side

Okay I'm not sure where the title came from. My head hurts and it's getting late so I'm may a little out of it. I wasn't going to post today. Then I asked myself why. I didn't have an answer. (Which is probably good. If I start answering myself then I'm really crazy. :P)

A different view

These potholders sold today. It was the first time I didn't almost fall out of my chair with excitement. Since I'd gone over 2 months without a sale I should have dropped down on my knees and thanked God. But for some reason I'd had a feeling for awhile that a sale was coming. It had to be coming. So I expected it. I am happy though. I'm not surprised it was these either. It's always the things that I think no one will like that sell first.

I watched Memoirs again with my mom. She liked it. I liked it better this time, since I knew what to expect. I'm still mad that they didn't put in the book's ending.

I changed the sidebar background to white. But as you can see it stops after the content. Anyone have suggestions for more sidebar widgets? I don't want to clog it, but I need to add something get the sidebar white to the bottom.

We ran into a lady from our old church. She said I was pretty. I just smiled. I don't hear that often. Or maybe I do and I don't listen.