A story

Once upon a time I started making magnets:

To make this magnets I would measure long planks of wood and saw them by hand.


This was a time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate work. I couldn't do a bunch at a time. (the ones below are sanded...separate step)

Productivity- day 6

I ran out of blanks recently and bought four boards. After much procrastinating, I measured them off yesterday and aimed to cut them all today:


Dad saw me and said, "Let me show you how to use the table and radial saws." *gulp* We donned some safety gear and...


Done! In less than half the time and far less physical effort, I have about 150 new magnet blanks waiting to be sanded. I'm so happy...and empowered. Now it's time for cake.


recipe from smitten kitchen, photo is mine