Now 2.28

Today, I really started the process to get my driver's license. I have to take an 8-hour course on safe driving first. Used to be that only teenagers had to take it but they reworked that law. At first I was uber-miffed, didn't want to have to pay for a class that wasn't going to teach me anything I didn't already know. (perhaps a little prideful, there, aye?)

Walking up to class I wondered why I had so easily embraced this change. I want to get my license before my b-day (in April). But I'd had other goals that I've not accomplished, that I've ignored and watched the due date creep closer and closer and then disappear into history.

Realized that life is the unexpected. Unexpected change, unexpected opportunities, unexpected friends, unexpected enemies. Gotta find a way to cope...but mostly you just have to go with it.

I do hope that this isn't my 'conquer-the-world' moment for the year, though. Will try to keep this ball rollin'.

Post Picture: A sort of faux macro. It's a macro but not taken with a macro lens. It's part of an earring, a Helix earring. New ones are coming. :)