Oh, today was GORGEOUS! Did I take one picture? No. Yeah, some photographer I am. Heh, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I met up with a friend who's home from college. We just walked around the mall, then sat in the food court, then walked around so more. And I got a Coollatta after we left. French Vanilla.

Once home I mailed my two recent Etsy orders. That reminds me I'm going to raise the shipping prices on my earrings. I walked up to the post office, then the library. At the library I wasn't able to use the self-checkout because the computer couldn't find the book, Charles Dickens' Bleak House if you're interested. I really wanted Oliver Twist but I think it was checked out.

There was a bit of an adventure there. But I'll summarize: $.20 isn't that much. They added the book to the computer. The lettuce was moldy.

I got home and went to theater. We did alot today. So with all the walking and all that work, I'm tired.

I really apologize for having no photo proof of the prettiness of today. If it's nice tomorrow I'll take a pic or two to make up for it.