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I'm so complex...and that's as far as I'm going with that.

I got my jumprings, the stainless ones I've been jonesin' for for a loooong time. (when you're unemployed for a long time, wants get sacrificed for the sake of needs) I'm slowly making progress with it. I'm not sure I'll list it because I'm not sure how well I like it. Someone needs to tell newbie chainmaille-ers that at the beginning the chain will look like crap but that doesn't mean you've messed up. Just keep going. We shall see.

I returned one strand of 12mm aventurine and bought another. Still not exactly the same color but way closer than the other ones I bought. Much happier...I almost skipped out of the store.

Have another new idea. Not exactly sure how to make it, but it'll come to me. Always does. Just hope I can do it justice. So new things will be coming soon.

Post Picture: Rolls I made, completely from scratch with the help of our bread machine. They're gone, now. Rolls don't last long in my house. So nummy!