day 3

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Today is day three of my personal challenge, small steps to doing the things I need to do. It's already been a little bit of a struggle. New things often are.

I needed to start with pieces I'd actually have enough drive to finish. I tend to bite off huge projects and burn out by about the second of third day. So for now, I'll probably be cranking out a lot of Acutes, other small earrings and magnets. The yellow earrings in the pics, are a somewhat new design. Or you could say they're a twist on an old one. *resists the urge to laugh at herself* Twist...they're twist...anyway. The little earrings put in perspective how big my other ones are. Wow!

Also, I think someone is stealing my beads. I have at least 3 colors missing. I know I didn't use them all. I'm also missing a checkbook register, a hairbrush, and a watch. If you see them....

Post Picture (top): My macrame board as of today, loaded with earring-making goodness.