new project

You may know that I went to Phoenix over spring break to visit a friend. It was a conglomeration of firsts for me. I wanted to keep some of the favorite bits in a book of photos similiar to the one I made a few years ago for the family. Like that book that was some near hair-pulling moments, sadness at the exclusion of photos that just didn't fit, but also several instances of that sort of magic and small (imaginary) choral 'Ahhh!' when things fell into place particularly well.

Above is a preview of most of the book. It should be mine by the 14th of next month. I'm pretty excited.


book nerd glee

Now that school is done (and therefore my job is, too) I have more time to read books that I want to read. So that meant a trip to the library. I picked up The Hound of the Baskervilles (because new Sherlock revamped that...and I've read none of the Sherlock Holmes stories) and Ladies and Gentleman, the Bible! Turning around I saw the spiffy spine of the book in the post picture and had to get it. The cover is gorgeous, reminiscent of old cloth-covered books from decades ago that often have well-worn pages and scribbles in the margins. But it's new! Never mind that Oliver Twist is 400+ pages and Dickens. I am the first to check it out! All of this filled me with a fair bit of bibliophile happiness.

Dare I say: Take that, Kindle!


last day

My literature class this semester was a brain-buster for no good reason. (I complain of it much on Twitter.) To keep sane, I would jot little poem-y things or other note-ish commentaries in my notebook. Here is the last day of that class written verse-ishly.


The timber of their laughter matches
       the likely content of their conversation
  breathy empty
  still it causes all others to stop
    and stare,
Are the mocking lilting noises, the exuberant gasp-ish pauses,
     about them?


I wish I were on
  the white side of the
could participate in
  the prof-mocking
  note passing.


  is she
to put together
  the 1000-piece puzzle
her syllabus became.
It is the last
day of class.


played with your


The student
  cannot contain
 a small snort of
  derisive laughter
  and a second.
It has been a


Let's make a drinking
of our prof's