my brother loves me

my brother loves me
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He bought me Starbucks. Of course, I asked him to and I'm going to pay him back, but still...he could have said, 'no'. :) I severely love the Vanilla Frappuccino. I get all jittery and talkative. Caffienated me is funny.

My jewelry commission-er likes my work! She's okay with one quote that I gave her. I have to give the full thing by the end of the week! Eeee! I'm happy about that.

I don't think I'm going to do the show tomorrow. It's outside and it's supposed to thunder and rain. I have a tent and the tent has sides, but I'm not sure I want to sit out in the rain and cold for 3 hours in a tent. Of course, the first one was cancelled on account of rain that never happened. It is raining now. I won't be mad if it ends up not raining. I have another show lined up for next week.