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I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] 10 Ways to Rev-Up Your Creativity
[where'd you find it] In my inbox via the ArtBistro newsletter
['splain it please] Tips to help revitalize your creativity.

I found this in my inbox a little while ago, loved it and knew I had to share it. While ArtBistro as a site is directed to artists of the paint and ink variety, much of their advice can be translated into the craft world. The line between the two is hazy at best.
After the hectic holiday season and subsequent and well-deserved break, getting the creative juices flowing may be a little difficult. Mike Lenhart, a visual arts expert, compiled a short list of ways to get the ideas going again.

Even if you're not un-inspired at the moment, keeping the list bookmarked or on-hand somewhere may help you work through a new design. I know I hit snags sometimes and it would help to grab a pencil (the first tip on the list.) They're simple things. Some, such as take a trip to a museum, gets you out the house, which is I think is great because being an artist can be solitary work.

Have a fun with it and whatever new or revamped project awaits you!