Just don't

I used to read Funky Winkerbean rather rabidly. I cared, probably more than a sane person should, about the characters. Then the artist, Tom Batiuk (rhymes with attic) killed one of the main characters after she lost her battle with cancer. I wrote about that here, too. (Is that a sign of something seriously wrong?)

Anyway, now I just don't care. He then skipped ahead in time 10 years. Not sure how he's pulling that off because he was having current events impact the characters. Unless he's a real Journeyman he won't be able to do that anymore. Readers missed those 10 years and somehow I'm not feeling like he's doing anything to catch us up. It's just a little weak.

Another thing I'm getting past is all the reality/game show TV. I realize this is because of the writer's strike. But really, it's almost painful. Deal or No Deal is on 3 times a week now. Gah!

So I ought to resolve to make a change and use the time I used to spend filling up on TV on more productive things. But I, like most, am not good at following resolutions. I shall simply say I hope to do more and leave it at that.