Happy New Year! You know I had to bust out with roman numerals, right? It was either that or binary code. hehe

I stayed up just till midnight, then conked out and slept until about 10am. Christmas prep and stuff tired me out. And tomorrow I go back to work, then tax temp job...so I need sleep, now.

I've been playing with my camera, tweeting and reading blogs. I don't yet have a clear plan for the year. Some things I want to do include:

Getting my driver's license...finally!
Finishing this book I started writing when I was 15.
Marketing the shop better
Getting an independent site up
Remember to enjoy the ride...only get to do this once.

I wish you a wonderful year!

Post Picture: The interior of a snowglobe that Bro1 gave me as a Christmas gift. It reminds me, loosely, of the Petite House Dwellings of JessicaJane.