Got 4 blog comments yesterday. (It says '5', one was me.) Made me feel special. heh!

I haven't made anything for the shop today but I did finally get some headway on another introspective piece (writing, you know), which I've also titled 'Vortextuality'. (Made up words are the shiz) Here's the beginning:

I'd been hung out to dry these last few days, wanting to write it out, not having the words or any cohesion for the few ideas I had. Expressing through language is tricky for me sometimes. Even though I know in my head the words I want to use, writing them just doesn't work. I try and the sentences grate on my ear. Maybe that's only something writers understand. Or it could be a problem of mine alone. *adds to list*

In the words of Mr. Darcy, in the BBC Pride and Prejudice, I shall conquer this. I just want to know why I had to go through it in the first place.

Post Picture:
My sketch pic from yesterday. My artist mother, sketches doodles all the time. I inevitably end up playing with words and letters. Should tell me where my chief interest lies. :)